A2H is an integrated planning and design firm of architects, engineers, landscape architects, and interior designers founded in 1986. Our firm provides a diverse range of consulting services for both public and private clients, with over 10,000 completed projects spanning 45 states and offices located across Tennessee and Mississippi.

First and foremost, people that work at A2H buy into our mission statement: Creating an Enhanced Quality of Life for our Clients and Community. Intentional, purposeful design has the power to enhance the world around us, so we place great value in understanding the importance of how the built environment is planned, designed, constructed, and utilized.

Simply put, people that work at A2H see their work as more than a job; it’s an art and an opportunity to display craftsmanship. They don’t stay in their lane; they think across disciplines. They don’t focus on problems; they get excited about discovering creative solutions.

This isn’t just boundless optimism or aspirational philosophy we put on a shelf and dust off for new employee orientation. This is A2H. It’s our day-in-and-day-out.

And the way we see it, Great People = Great Work.




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